How to set up first Facebook ads campaign?

How to set up first Facebook ads campaign?

October 23, 2021 0 By HiddenBloggers

Facebook has over 1.7 billion users worldwide and that is a huge opportunity for businesses of any niche to get their foot in the door by setting up a Facebook Lead Ads campaign. The great thing about advertising on Facebook is that you have full control since you can spread your budget across different objectives- from increasing reach, engaging existing fans, and even bringing in brand new ones.

But before you can set up your campaign, there are 3 important things that you must first know:

1) Costs per Action or “CPA” Let’s say your average order value is $30, then the CPA is $20 (total amount of money you are willing to pay for each conversion).

2) Your campaign objective- what you want the campaign to achieve? New likes? More engagement? Increase reach so more people can see your ads?

3) Which countries are you targeting- yes, the whole world is not a good idea! Speaking of which, we’ll teach you how to choose the best countries to target.

How to choose the best countries for your ads campaign?

1) If you sell products, pick countries where you can find lots of people who are actively looking to buy… Now that sounds like a straightforward answer but if you’re selling swimsuits in winter or winter boots in summer-thanks but no thanks! So the rule of the thumb is: if you sell products and services and you can’t find people to buy them, your campaigns will be losing money.

2) If you’re selling B2B then it’s a whole different ball game since you should focus on picking up leads instead. Who knows? You may end up generating clients for life! Before you set up your campaign, make sure to check out the demographics (age, income, marital status etc.) of people in each country.

4) Set up your ad campaign using the Facebook pixel! This is how you can keep track of conversions & turnarounds. There are 2 ways to set up your campaigns- you either use the Power Editor or the Ads Manager (which is a simpler version of the Power Editor). In this beginner’s guide, we’ll be using the Ads Manager.

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1) Set up your Custom Audience

This is how you can retarget people who have already visited your website or removed their cookies from it. These are known as “remarketing lists for search ads” or RLSA. You can even target friends of your existing fans!

2) Custom Conversions

This is where you can track specific events that are important to your business like creating an account, completing a purchase, etc. It’s smart because Facebook will automatically optimize your ad spend based on the highest-performing combination.

3) Determine a good budget

How much are you willing to spend each day? Facebook likes to show ads that have high chances of getting a conversion so it’s best that you set your daily budget as low as possible.

4) Set up the objective

Keep things simple and select “link clicks” from the dropdown menu marked as 1. This is how you will get people to click on the link in your ads so they can be redirected towards your website.

Head over to the “link description” section and type in good keywords that people may use when searching for similar products or services.

Check out this post from WordStream if you want to learn more about using keywords in your ads.

5) Set up the ad set

This is where you can create separate ads, target people, and choose countries for each of them. Make sure that the campaign name is something that’s easy for you to remember (like “FB Ad Campaign” or something like that). You also need to decide how you are going to target people.

Head over to the “targeting” section and select all the available options that are relevant to your marketing goals. If you want to wait for a few days, check out our 10+ Facebook Ad ideas for generating leads!

You can also create custom audiences if you already have a customer list or you can upload a CSV file of email addresses. This is where it might get tricky though- Facebook dislikes people who try to spam their system so make sure that you set up everything in the right way.

Head over to “ad schedule” and decide when you want your ads to be shown to your target audience. You can go for “right now” if you have a strong belief that your ads will perform well. Alternatively, you can wait for 2-3 days to begin with.

Set up your ad! Make sure that the image is impressive and click-worthy. The link in the picture should lead people towards your website where they can find out more. You can set up multiple ads across various ad sets to test which one works best for you!

Head over to the “budget & billing” section and type in your daily budget. This is how much money you’re willing to lose if things go wrong! Facebook recommends that newbies spend no more than $10/day on their ad campaigns. However, you can always increase your budget once you get the hang of things.

Click “Place Order” to complete the process! You’ll be able to track everything in the Ads Manager where you can also edit and pause your campaign whenever needed.


In conclusion, it’s important that you begin with a small budget so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t for your business. That being said, it is still possible to run ads without Facebook Ads Manager- if you have an ad agency working by your side, they should be able to help you with everything!